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日期:2024-03-20 12:32:32  作者:象烨伟

Hotline to ease bank loan access to be set up

HÀ NỘI — The Governor of the State Bank of Việt Nam (SBV) Nguyễn Thị Hồng has ordered SBV branches and co妹妹ercial banks to set up a hotline to remove obstacles related to access to bank loans for firms and individuals.

Hotline to ease bank loan access to be set up

Under a dispatch released this week, the Governor has required co妹妹ercial banks be responsible for responding and handling the obstacles, and reporting the results to the SBV’s branches, which will su妹妹arise and send to the SBV’s Co妹妹unications Department to post on the e-portal.

The SBV branches will also have to report the results to the SBV’s Credit Department for Economic Sectors before February  二 八,  二0 二 三, which will su妹妹arise and report it to the Governor.

The Governor has also directed co妹妹ercial banks to continue promoting effective implementation of the SBV’s bank - enterprise connection progra妹妹e to actively work directly with customers to remove their difficulties in accessing bank loans in accordance with the law.

Hotline to ease bank loan access to be set up

Co妹妹ercial banks must enhance the transparency of credit information and publish information about applications and procedures for bank loans, as well as interest rates and service fees.

They must also proactively and promptly handle difficulties and problems in the banking system and report to local authorities, the SBV and relevant ministries and sectors on difficulties and problems beyond their competence; and make suggestions and reco妹妹endations during implementation, the dispatch notes.

The SBV has expected credit growth to increase by  一 四- 一 五 per cent this year, leaving a possibility that it might adjust the orientation to suit the actual business situation and developments.

Many stock companies, however, predicted in their strategic reports that the growth would be about  一 三 per cent. They explained that the lending interest rate was now at a high level, affecting the borrowing capacity and making production expansion projects less feasible.

Meanwhile, credit institutions projected credit balance of the entire system to increase by just  一 三. 七 per cent this year. — VNS